Monday, August 29, 2011

Food and coffee in Dubrovnik

It took me some time to discover this city properly and I can say I have my favorites now. 
1st - Coffee. Being a coffee geek as you already figured I found THE spot. Cafe Orlando at the main street in the city Stradun definitely owns the city with its coffee and people watching location. 
Also, of you come early enough you can get fantastic croissants! As for coffee, go for a small or large macchiato with cold milk or the stunning Cappuccino that Mr. Vlaho does so well.

Now food. I went for creative vegetarian and vegan restaurant "Nishta". Their food has Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranen influences so plenty to choose from! I tried their fantastic spring rolls, ratatouille on homemade bread, and falafel which wasn't quite as I expected. Too much caraway and lacking salt. After you eat NYC Mamoun's falafel, nothing can beat it!

One afteroon I stumbled upon this super cute place called Sugar and Spice! Tiny but delish. Very simple things, well executed and clean.

Fantasitc carrot cake and Sacher torte as I always wish it tasted! Moist and with lots of apricot jam!

And to top it off - Taj Mahal. Not Indian food, but Bosnian and GOOD one indeed. One of the most popular dishes in Croatia and surrounding countries is "Čevapčići"or a mix of different ground meat shaped in a small sausage usually eaten with bread, onions, ajvar (aubergine and pepper sauce) and kajmak (it is like combining cream, salt and fresh cow's cheese). I also enjoyed their famous cabbage, meat and potato pies (made with something like strudel dough). Mmmmmm, a must! Bosnian cuisine is very heavy but fantastic. Make sure you try regional cheeses and dry meats!

For the end....the classic. You know, it is not easy to 
find a good pizza! If I may suggest, visit pizzeria Tabasco and go for "Italiana". 

And this is what you should do after all this food - a good and long siesta! Cats know best.