Monday, May 16, 2011


Zagreb, at last! I don't remember the last time I visited Croatian capital and I finally decided to do so. I have many friends and acquaintances I wanted to visit. Of course I wanted this be another culinary trip of mine so I   explored it as much as I could. 

I visited Bistro "Apetit" where I had a lovely meal with one of my dearest friends and her dad. All in all was good, even though my dish (confit duck with black truffle and Istrian pasta style "fuži") did not look super appealing . The duck meat wasn't presented in smaller or even larger chunks of meat, but into something more of a pâté...quite odd looking I must say.  

When the desserts arrived...I was pleasantly surprised. I love strawberries, and I like them just the way they are, not handled a lot. That's just the way it was, slightly macerated in sugar sitting on a cloud of light mascarpone mousse.  

My other stop was Elis Caffe. It has been rated as the best coffee in Zagreb by the NY Times. Sure enough, for the first time in my country I have received a product that was almost if not as good as Stumptown in NYC. Wow! 

Nik Orosi, the owner and barista has truly achieved something great; cute little cafe space, his very own roaster, and book that was published last year.    

One thing I couldn't leave Zagreb without is their famous "Štrukle". It is something like strudel dough, hand pulled (although not always, which is why I came here because I knew they are making it themselves) filled with fresh cheese, and in this case poured with cream and baked, but it can also be cooked in salted water or made as a dessert. The restaurant only lacked a better atmosphere, but overall I had satisfied my cravings.   

Here are the addresses of the places I visited:

Bistro Apetit
Jurjevska 65A

Elis Cafe
Ilica 63

Hotel Palace
Trg Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 10 


  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I haven't heard of this cafee and will visit it for sure! Nice photos

  2. PS. I cannot live without strukli either :)

  3. Odavno nisam bila u Zagrebu na način da sam baš prošetala gradom! Moji posjeti Zagrebu u zadnjih godina više se svode na auto vožnju do trgovačkih centara, a budući da živim u Trogiru, sve je često isplanirano i prazno :(
    Dok sam studirala barem dvaput godišnje smo što s fakultetom obilazili grad (Pravni fakultet, Sabor, kafiće i uživali u noćnom životu) ili bih jednostavno prošetala Ilicom, trgom...
    Slike su fantastične, a sad baš slinim za ovim štrukljima!!

  4. I'm bit hurt right now, because you eated "Štrukli" in hotel Palace... This is not commerical, but the best "Štrukli" are in hotel Regent Esplanade... believe me I work there and I eat a dozens of those...