Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just another day

Dubrovnik really has fantastic cafe locations. This place called "Mala Buža" is literally on the rocks and you can enjoy the most beautiful view and we are still having weather like in the middle of the summer. This is life. 

Quite a few weddings we had! This big girl was 100% chocolate; chocolate biscuit, thick chocolate cream and chocolate mousse all made from Venezuela 72% chocolate. Flowers are real, the customer brought it otherwise I would enjoy making them. You will see mines in the next post!
And yes...they also wanted cupcakes...People just love those silly things! It was a lovely batter just with sugar, butter, almond flour and egg whites, super fluffy! The frosting was pastry cream based buttercream and even though I think it tastes very good, I don' t think I could eat a whole cupcake. Oh, and the silver thing that looks like aluminum foil is silver leaf ;)

And finally my parents visited and we ate at Gil's. Let me tell you, this mojito is the best I ever had. They use Havana Club rum - 3 and 7 years old, tons of mint and lime and brown sugar. To die for.

I will just show you one dish I had because all other photos were not so good, not enough light..My starter was the pork belly dish. I don't know if you are familiar with Chinese steamed buns? Well, this is basically the same but deconstructed (and instead of buns you get crusty bread, French style). So here you have the super tender pork belly, plum sauce, crispy pork skin, cucumbers and scallions. 

Sorry for the bad photo but this is all I got! Yes, that is my mum in the back, she couldn't wait any longer so I had no time to play with photos. Basically what I did I went into the kitchen and made a small tasting of desserts for them. Their favorite was the popcorn ice cream which is on the very left. 


  1. Mala buža je odličan kafić, umjesto da uživam u lijepom Dubrovniku ja kuham u Zagrebu :( Obožavam mojito, ovaj izgleda baš kako treba, a tek kolači... :)

  2. Otkad nisam bila u Dubronvniku, već desetak godina... :( Na ovako lijepom mjestu kao na prvoj fotki bih s guštom popila mojito (koji izgleda fantastično,mmmh!) A i ovi kolači izgledaju jako primamljivo! Hvala na virtualnoj šetnji, uživala sam!!

  3. food looks sooo delicious.
    you're very lucky with the weather this year, it doesn't look like autumn is coming in a few days.

  4. Odlično,:)! Još jedan blog kojeg ću svakako pratiti. Tea odlične slike, nastavi tako.Dodajem te na moj blogroll,:)!

  5. Zanimljiv post, torta i kolaci izgledaju jako primamljivo :-)!

  6. Nice work Tea, love the blog, looking forward to news from Paris, spent 8 years there. Hope to try some of your stuff, should be in Dbv this week with some friends from Texas, see if it is as good as it looks and sounds.
    Best of luck to you, do continue, smart, beautiful and talented, what's next?
    Pozdrav Tvrtko

  7. Thanks Tvrtko! Please come for dinner at Gil's when you are in Dubrovnik!

  8. Blog ti je super! Divna, divna jela. I bas su lepo servirana. Sad znam gde da idem kad se nadem u Dubrovniku :)