Friday, July 6, 2012

This time...back for good!

I know, it's been a long time. I guess I needed a break to sort out what I was doing next and once I got that going, I am back on a roll! Ready for a ride? There will be a lot to show and tell.

Let's rewind.

I stayed very busy with the Good Sweets line. We moved into a new place, there was a lot and still is to do. It definitely doesn't happen overnight! We are truly a team now :) The grand opening will be this fall, until then you can still stop by and see us at Teslina 7, Zagreb. 

A month ago I went on a business trip to Stockholm and it was the first time for me to visit a Scandinavian country. What a place! I was beyond impressed. The way people (especially men!) dressed (super old school), spoke perfect english, very polite and everything around was very clean and neat.

Now, onto the food scene!

I was lucky with beautiful weather! (it gets dark at 10:30 pm)

" Wild chocolate" with cocoa beans growing in wilderness. Stunning flavor. 

My favorite coffee place "Johan & Nyström"
Isn't it lovely?

Love the leather aprons

Great blend!

Another great coffee escape - Drop Coffee

Licorice's big in Sweden. It is EVERYWHERE. If I were only a fan.

Butter cookie filled with pastry cream

Check out Xoko 

BEAutiful indoor market. Definitely one worth remembering. 

Fantastic bread and danishes.

Gotta get myself a pastry memory!

Esperanto - 1 Michelin

Very interesting flavors. Lots of Swedish and Asian inspired dishes. I had the Wagyu beef tasting that is from a local farm. As you can see, even Wagyu sushi! (not a fan). One thing I found very interesting was miso in a few pastry components. Salty and sweet. Loved the pairing. 

Overall; Amazing service, good atmosphere, average food. 

Pretty ice cream quenelle though :)


  1. hallo tea,
    s tvojim kulinarskim foto-pogledima ,cinis nam svima jednu veliku cast da upoznamo i svijet preko ruba naseg tanjura.samo naprije i svako dobro.

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