Friday, June 17, 2011

A short trip to Munich

Munich! What a beautiful City. It was the first time for me to visit Southern Germany = Bavaria who everyone knows mostly for the Oktoberfest. Trust me, there is a LOT more to it then just beer (ok, the beer really is outstanding). Munich is probably one of my favorite cities I have visited in a while. 

The first meal of the day was also my favorite on this trip; Pretzels, Weisswurst or White Sausage and beer! I never thought I would enjoy the mild but aromatic sausage with slightly sweet and spicy whole grain mustard. What a perfect combo! (not to mention the addition of beer) The sausage is made of finely ground veal and pork with lemon, spices and parsley. Once the mixture is put in the casings it is boiled in water or stock for about 10 minutes. It has a white color because there are no colors or preservatives added. If this is really true for all, I am not sure. 

What I loved about this this city are little cafes and chocolate shops which are all over the City offering a wide variety of artisanal chocolate, pastries, cakes and specialty coffee drinks.  

Since it was Rhubarb season, my first choice was a super flavorful slice of rhubarb cake. It had like shortcrust pastry, slightly sweetened rhubarb chunks topped with slivered almond crumble. Perfect! So simple, but those  are the kind of things I go for.  

Bakeries and specialty food shops are always a feast for the eyes, because of a stunning variety of product, mostly great baked goods. I enjoy their breads which are made with all kinds of flours to choose from. Rye is one of the most popular, but white bread is also widely eaten. 

Apple strudel, apple pie and pastry cream danish

The local market was a madness!! HOLY PRODUCE! I am not talking about local and seasonal ingredients only, but there were fruits and vegetables all over the world, some that I have never seen before. My eye though always gets stuck on their lovely big white asparagus. Two evenings in a row I had them for dinner, served with just a touch of butter, salt, young potatoes and ham. 

I don't think I have even seen a tomato this big and very pretty looking! For people who know my dad, he has huge hands!

Nor did I see cacao beans...

Chinese tower and a "Biergarten" where hundreds of people bring their own food, socialize and drink beer! (even though it is not Oktoberfest) 


  1. what a tomato! :) great trip and lovely photos

  2. ah, what a beautiful tomato! obozavam ih a ovo je prelijep primjerak.
    minhen je jedno divno mjesto a ti si ga fotografijama izvrsno docarala. cesto sam bila tamo otkako zivim u becu i kako se osjecam skoro kao 'doma' tako nikad niti ne fotografiram. koja pogreska!
    vidim da putujes puno, obilazis zanimljive poslodavce ili samo turisticki ;)?


  3. Mare,
    Minhen me stvarno oduševio, nemam riječi!! Sljedeći put ti svakako preporučam da fotografiraš!
    Putujem i turistički i poslovno, obično uklopim i jedno i drugo ;)

  4. Volim München. Zbog drage prijatelje tamo sam cesto. A vi ste sigurno bili na Viktualienmarkt-u.