Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Way out

I went on a trip, completely unplanned, but so fun and exciting. I was home way too long, yes, job hunting but  nothing was happening and I had to make it happen myself. So I did.
First I went to Germany and spent a couple of days in one of the nicest restaurants/kitchens I have ever seen. What an incredible experience.If you are in the area of northern Germany, please do visit Osnabruck where you'll find a 2 Michelin restaurant LaVie. Absolutely stunning.  

I managed to combine leisure with work and to step into some of the top Uk kitchens. During the days off, I walked through half of the England, ate many exciting foods and of course...visited the best coffee shops there   are in London. 

I love their markets!! There are all sorts of things to buy, old and new. I am a huge fan of old and forgotten things, especially when it comes to kitchen and furniture. 

I love London, this City is truly magical. When I was asked if I prefer NYC over London, I am not sure if I can answer correctly because those are two different loves. What I love about London is that it has a soul; there is something in the air, in the people, architecture, food, tradition, customs..I love it. 

There is always something fun and exciting around every corner. For example, I always dreamed of trying Pierre Herme's macarons. For those of you who know of him, are familiar with the fact that he made himself famous for his macarons. First of all, I had no idea he had a store in London and I saw it by accident! Boy did I rush in. I tried two flavors because they were quite pricey and knowing that I wasn't a macaron fan I didn't want not to leave it unfinished. Now, what do you think has happened? Ate it to the last crumb. Oh my ganache. That was one of the best things I have tried in a while. I can say I love macarons, but only Pierre Herme's macarons. the flavors were apricot and pistachio and Jasmine tea (I went back a few days later to try chocolate and olive oil, exquisite!)

Another memorable meal was at the Modern Pantry, a restaurant I was dying to go to. I was on my own (never thought I could do that) and couldn't have enjoyed it more! Highly recommended. After such meal I had to go for a macchiato at the nearby cafe - St.Ali. Great atmosphere and wonderful espresso. 



One thing I am crazy about are croissants. Whenever someone asks me what my favorite pastry is, I say there is nothing that can beat a croissant....but a good croissant. Please visit Nopi, a beautiful restaurant owned by the famous Ottolenghi. I went there for breakfast, specifically for the purple rice with coconut milk, mangoes and bananas, but after seeing the croissants... I couldn't resist. They were almost perfect, just a tiny bit dense, but such a beautiful crumb and perfect shaping.

Another place I had lunch at was Caravan (I went there partially because they have their own roastery, and it sure does show in the coffee. The small plates were very tasty, but a bit on the heavier side. I would come back though for coffee (specifically cortado, which is equal amounts of espresso to steamed milk) and their delish toasted cornbread with chipotle mayo. 

And more cafes! Visit Kaffeine for amazing Flat White (Australian and New Zealand based coffee drink; to me it is a cross between a late and a cappuccino). OH, and try the croissant, you will be surprised ;)


  1. Kakav divan tekst i kako odlicne fotke! Sto me tjeralo da u ovaj sat to citam. Sto si to tocno jela u Modern Pantry?
    Mnogo srece u trazenju posla i da je naravno sto blize tvojima.

  2. Hahaha, ne znam ni ja zasto u tu uru postam..evo ovako, jela sam Cassava chips sa creme fraiche, zatim caraway roasted courgette i butternut squash kao u tijestu za strudel sve uz milijun sjemenkica i spicy sauce. Desert je bio lime curd, mint tapioca, blackcurrant custard i tamarind rum trifle ;)

  3. prekrasan post, baš sam guštala u njemu