Friday, July 29, 2011

Life in Dubrovnik

Sometimes I forget I am in Croatia. I think it's because the city I am living in, totally makes me feel I am in some other country. At the moment Dubrovnik summer festival is taking place and it'a fantastic opportunity to catch some great plays and music performances. It happens every year and it has something for everyone. I haven't had the chance to go to any shows yet because of my work schedule, but I will fit it in eventually..

Now, what have I been doing these days? Well...lots! I must say I am quite occupied with work and I am loving it. I have also managed to run pastry on my own since there are only two of us and when my buddy takes a day off, it's all me! It is nice to do that for a change; I love responsibility, being in charge and the adrenalin rush. I remember the times at Daniel when I said there is no way I would want to do this, but...I must say I really enjoy working in restaurants. Lately I have also discovered my passion for chocolate work. Why was this hidden all this time? I have been making lots of decorations for ice creams, cakes and a plated dessert.

Now I also have all the literature I need in case I am insecure of something because my books from NYC have finally arrived (yes, it takes about month and a half with the boat) and I totally made them drag it all the way from Split.

Let me start off my by saying I MADE (almost) PERFECT MACARONS and they were filled with yuzu curd. You know the feeling when you impress yourself sometimes? That's exactly what happened.

And here are two more pics of my work. I love writing on plates!


Weird weather lately, LOTS of rain (as you can see). This woke me up, at 7 am in the morning.


  1. I hope to visit Dubrovnik some day; it looks so beautiful and it was the city of my ancestors on my dad's side (his mom). I am so impressed with your artistry and pastry abilities. Excellent work!

  2. The world is so small, isn't it? If you do get an opportunity, you must visit Dubrovnik. Thank you for the lovely words :)

  3. you are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love Dubrovnik :) These macarons are lovely, ant the last photo is stunning!

  4. Obožavam Dubrovnik, prekrasan je gradić i sigurna sam da si sa svojim znanjem osvojila tamošnja srca domaćih i stranih ljudi! Ovo pisanje po tanjurima ti savršeno ide i daje jelo jedan poseban, intimni štih :)
    Predivne fotke Tea :D

  5. Tea svaka čast. Dubrovnik tako lepo izgleda i jako mi je žao što ga nisam do sada posetio. Al' biće prilike.
    'Le macaron' su ti super ispali. I to jos yuzu! Mora da je extra bilo.
    Puno pozdrava i sve najbolje!

  6. Dezert izgleda odlicno :) A macaronsi, divni kao uvek... :)