Sunday, January 1, 2012

Olive Harvest....a bit late

I honestly wasn't at home for the past two months, traveling like crazy. Wow.
From London, Zagreb, Paris, New York...I am finally home now for the holidays in the family circle. Lots of good food, sweets, beautiful weather, exercise...Lovin' it.

Now, let me tell you about the stunning year we had with our dearest Olives. What a year! Man. There were about 11 of us, we were picking for 2 full days (too bad the sun went down at 5 already) but managed to get 840kg and 140liters of oil. And what kind of oil...DELISH. Beautiful yellow/greenish color, bitter at the finish, with a kick of spice.
Of course the company was great and food after picking all day never tasted so good (especially when grandma prepares it).

See that crazy man on the ladders waving in the middle?! Yep, that's my dad :)

Here it is!! The golden fluid. You should be in the olive press room...holy smell.

And yes....we do have cherry tomatoes in November! This gentleman planted it (I guess way to many!) so there were still lots leftover from summer. 

OH, he has super sweet melons too! I have never seen them so small and so flavorful. Literally, packed with aroma and sweetness. 

Pomegranates explosion.

Grandparents stocked up for the winter!

Planika - a B E A utiful and super sweet fruit from this area. Looking funky too.

Oysters from Ston, a town famous for oysters on the Pelješac peninsula. A short stop before Dubrovnik.  

Oh Croatia and all its beautiful coastline...Wouldn't you want to be here?


  1. Moram priznat da prvi put vidim planiku.. :)fotke su odlične!... kako to da nemamo nikakve deserte s maslinama? mislim, ipak smo postali maslinarska velesila. Ipša, Chiavalon, Belić su prema Flos olei top 15 na svijetu, Montižel (Istra) je ove godine osvojio titiulu šampion Mediterana u voćnim uljima, itd., a nikakve deserte ne radimo od maslina? mislim, ok, kod emulzija, pa kod sladoleda, ali, ništa konkretno..

  2. @ vineandfood - u Gastronomada se pravila pit aod maslina i bila je ..uhh! Jaako dobra! U Pelegrinija sladoled (prije sorbet)a sto se tice da smo postali velesila, mislim da samo vraćamo daaavno utvrđene pozicije:
    s tim da Liburnia nije bila južna Istra nego do rijeke Raše do Krke. Tako da prave rezultate treba tek očekivati kad se i u ostalim djelovima "Liburnie" situacija popravi.
    Odličan post!