Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dessert me!

If anyone's in Zagreb area, from today on Good Food is launching a line of my desserts. Good Food is basically healthy fast food, something like Chopped in NYC. It's super cool, very well designed and I got an amazing opportunity to create a line of desserts in a jar called Good Sweets.
I must say it is the first time in Croatia that we have such a high quality product for a larger mass. I can tell you I am using Callebaut 70,4% chocolate ;)

So, if you're around, stop by!
You can view their web site (in Croatian) HERE


  1. ahhhh! pa to moram ić probat!!! :)

  2. čim do zg dođem- znam gdje ću! :)))

  3. Bila jučer i probala! Uzeli cheesecake i chocolate pot de chreme, ooodlično jedno i drugo! Bravo i čestitam!

  4. Tea na 3 stranice u novom broju Iće&Piće! :) bravo bravo..