Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trip back "home"

I am late with writing...again.
WELL, first I need to give my impact on my 10-day trip to NYC and it has been 9 months since I left. I have to say....totally missed it. Once you fall in love with the Big Apple it's hard to reverse that. I am not saying I could live there, but for the years I spent there, it was absolutely fantastic and I would do it all over again. Most of my friends are there and they were one of the main reasons I went, but this time for a visit only.

I stayed with a very dear friend of mine, she made everything super Christmasy :)

Boqueria - fabulous Tapas bar. The one I went to was just off of Spring street. 

My absolutely favorite Vietnamese food joint - Pho 32 in Korea town. Their Pho is dirt cheap and incredibly good!

Love the streets of ny. 

It was time for me to visit the Culinary Institute. My home for 4 amazing years. Sometimes I wonder how it all went by so fast. 

Students are still doing fantastic work in the advanced breads class. They would even make the Germanic countries proud with their Gugelhupf! 

Chef Migoya is still rockin at the Apple Pie bakery cafe. Stunning work as always. 

Don't be fooled, it's just a cake/ a shape of an ice cream.

I was actually standing there waiting for a cab to pass to take this shot. 

I was dying to go to Stumptown. THE coffee place in the City. THE place who made me a coffee fanatic and taught me to never put sugar in my coffee again. 

And of course, I was super thrilled to see my former Chef and "dad" Dominique who left our restaurant Daniel back in October and opened up his own bakery. I am so proud of him. He literally put France and  NYC together and got this. 

Wonderful Buche de Noel, huh?? 

My other favorite place in the City, even though a chain, still great - Pan de Quotidien. 

I did not buy these, but a good friend of mine did...He LOVES them. 

Lunch at Prune, great great food, definitely worth a visit. Can be crowded, so don't go for brunch..

Crif dog. A good hot dog place in St. Marks. Worth visiting. My buddy ate both of these...(and that was after that lunch at Prune, haha)

I got these for my dear Croatian friends from Queens, they love Christmas and Cupcakes!
Being in the Big Apple again was so lovely and fulfilling, I decided I must go once a year. At least for the shopping....


  1. Ajme, gledajući slike samo sam se još više zaljubila u predivni New York!

  2. ciao,kako je tamo lijepo,new york mi se dopada iz tvog kulinarskog kutka.
    pozdrav uz postovanje... :)

  3. ja samo još više čeznem za CIA.. :( ..tako sve divno izgleda..

  4. I found you again! :-)
    Your visit to New York looks like a major success, and it makes me long to finally return there too.
    Much love,