Saturday, April 23, 2011


I remember the day I discovered Milk Tea. My dearest friend from India has showed me how they drink their tea (since he was shocked in our way of drinking it with water) and I loved it! 
As I child I would often visit friends from Vienna with my parents and they always drank strong black tea with a touch of milk which is essentially what milk tea is but slightly altered. It is commonly enjoyed in the UK, India, Austria and Asia and I am sure elsewhere. They are all so similar but yet so different.   

My favorite is the Hong Kong style Milk Tea. It is so smooth, rich, creamy and strong at the same time. When I first tried it, I LOVED it and had waaay too much of it which made  me shiver from the high amounts of caffeine.Oops...

When I came to HK, I had to have milk tea each day! It is served in most places and the whole process is quite interesting. As you can see on the photo above, there are four pots of super strong black tea which are brewed and then strained through huge "stockings". You can order it hot or cold. Most commonly is served hot. 

The process of making it is very simple, I have attached a link here. I prefer to have mine hot with evaporated milk rather than condensed.



  1. Kod nas to zovu chai i bas pisem tekst u kojem ga spominjem.