Saturday, November 19, 2011

A cup of tea part 2

What a meal! Just look at this super crusty bread alongside with spicy olive oil and hummus. What a wonderful way to start off your meal. The Riding House Cafe was fantastic. 

Smoked Mackerel pate with sesame toasted bread. 

Probably one of the best salads. Ever. Everything was so fresh! You know when you order a salad and you see the brown spots, God knows how long it has been sitting in a plastic bag..ew. In this case, I had a bowl of fresh delightfulness. Ingredients that stood out were paper thin sliced radishes, fresh peas and corn, avocado, micro greens, and hearts of palm. 

Kedgeree! My new discovery. This wonderful dish, once eaten for breakfast, was brought by the British colonists from India during the Victorian times. It consists of boiled rice, flaked fish (sometimes smoked like in this case), curry, and hard boiled eggs (I prefer them on the softer side). Everything was finished with a handful of watercress. 
I made this as soon as I came home and it's a keeper!

The interior design was wonderful, couldn't keep my eyes off of these chairs. 

The following day I had the privilege of having breakfast at the famous Wolseley. It is a must when visiting London. You should definitely try their Viennoiserie, stunning. One of my favorites is the Canelle, the tiny black one in the middle. It's a French classic, with very specific procedure on how it's made and most importantly, baked on high temperatures in copper molds. 

Look at this perfect honeycomb!

Flea markets - absolutely love 'em! I love anything and everything rustic, vintage, antique...

Always wonderful shots at my favorite coffee shop - Kaffeine -

St. John Bread and Wine. A MUST. This was one of my favorite meals, not just in London but overall. They are the definition of local, seasonal and RUSTIC. The bread is made in house, and it had a slight acidic note to it aka sourdough starter, with beautifully creamy and sweet butter to go with. 

I love Kohlrabi. This was a fantastic way of utilizing this wonderful veggie. Marinated in olive oil and lemon accompanied with capers and arugula. 

Local beer. 

Warm lentil, squash, arugula, greek yoghurt and fried pumpkin seed salad drizzled with pumpkin seed oil. 

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