Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Short trip to Zagreb

Zagreb - Here I come again! I had a small business trip and an opportunity to visit some of my favorite places including the one and only Elis cafe and the ever fabulous Nik. I got to try his newly roasted Kenyan coffee, which was as good in a latte as it was in an Aero Press. In case you never heard of this fantastic little coffee maker, check it out HERE. It's a discovery!

If I visioned my dream place, Velvet cafe would be IT. I don't remember last time I saw something like it. The interior design, ambiance, drinks, DESSERTS - wonderful! 
Thanks to my dear old school friend,  I got introduced to this place. Please make sure you visit if you are in the area.

Living in the Mediterranean doesn't really give me an opportunity to experience real fall. Coming to Zagreb was as autumn slap in the face! Beautiful parks, reddish leaves, crisp air. Lovely. 

Each trip brings me another new culinary/pastry experience. This time (apart Velvet) it was a tiny rustic (I love everything rustic) restaurant "Lari & Penati". Well hello there! :)

I want my wall to look like this. 
(It's all about that carrot) 

Very light, detoxifying vegetable soup. 

Duck confit  - hells to the yeah. I never had it in Croatia and boy was it good. Crisp vegetables (beans maybe a bit too al dente) roasted potatoes and crispy skin with super moist and well seasoned duck. 

Enjoying the atmosphere up top with mind still at Velvet cafe and their delish desserts, while closely holding a bag of Kenyan coffee beans.


  1. I love Lari and Penati! I'm glad you visited Zagreb

  2. Todos estas recetas lucen exquisitas,excelentes fotos, me alucinaron las uvas negras me encantan son muy dulces y bellas y la taza de café la miraré todos los días me encanta,también me encanta lo rústico y antiguo,siempre estoy comprando antiguedades,abrazos hugs,hugs.